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Saturday, April 6, 2019

how to score 95 in board in months -Gujarat Result Online

how to score 95 in board in months -Gujarat Result Online,how do i prepare for 12th board 99% in 2 3 month only how to prepare for class 10 board exam in 3 months how to prepare for icse board exams in one month how to score 90 in one month how to score above 95 in 12th boards cbse how to complete class 10 syllabus in 2 months how to score good marks in board exam how to prepare for board exams in ,10 days,How can I get good marks in 10th board exam? How can I study for board exam? How can I write in board exam? How can I study more in short time?:

how to score 95 in board in months -Gujarat Result Online
So you want 95%+ in boards. It'd have been much easier to answer had you also mentioned your current preparation level but I'd answer anyway. First of all, don't think of the boards as a very tough thing, it's actually pretty easy. I've a few friends who didn't do any specific prep for boards at all but got 90-94% just by 20-30 days of study focused on boards. I will give you subject-wise strategy for each of the subjects.

Physics - It's one of my loved subjects. The beauty of physics lies in understanding it, so please do take the time to understand it (believe me, you've got a lot of time). I have seen some students mugging the derivations and formula up but that's not the correct way to study Physics. Please understand each derivation completely and then do it by yourself. One may find the language of NCERT tough at times, so it's advisable to refer to a book from Dinesh, ABC, and the likes. However, for the chapters of Modern Physics, NCERT is more than sufficient, just read them properly. Don't forget to solve numerical, conceptual and short answer questions from a question bank like Xamidea. In exams, go through the complete question paper, do the questions you are completely confident of first and so on. Choose your priorities between derivations and numericals as per your strength.

Chemistry - I dreaded this subject but ended up getting 98/100 in Chemistry. In one sentence, Mug up NCERT! There are about 6-7 mechanisms in Organic Chemistry, understand them, there was one question always asked from that part when I gave the exam. Remember uses , names, and categories of the compounds in Biomolecules, Chemistry in everyday life, Polymers etc. For physical chemistry (the one I didn't dread), do lots of numericals after understanding the chapters. For Inorganic, mug mug mug (except Co-ordination chemistry). In exams, it's one of those papers you can finish in 2.5 hours max if you have good prep, go through it, if you can't remember some concept or something, skip that question and go ahead, come back later after attempting them all.

Maths- Understand and solve each question from NCERT. Some people may ask you to go for RD Sharma or RS Agarwal or other books but I always felt that NCERT was sufficient. Solve the previous year papers, if you don't feel confident enough go for those books but first solve NCERT completely. If you face any problems while understanding NCERT, refer other books like RS Agarwal. In exams, DO THE 6 MARKS QUESTIONS FIRST! Then the 4 marks ones, the 3 marks ones and so on. Don't write more than 4-5 lines for the 1 marks questions. Go through the solved papers for idea on how long and detailed answers you have to write.

 English - One of the easiest subjects to prepare for. Read all the stories and the poems, understand them. There must be a novel in the syllabus, read it like a novel, don't refer to guides with summaries. After reading the novel, you may go for questions based on the novel, the character sketches for the various characters. If English is a weak point of yours, try to write character sketches of the characters and answers to the questions given in NCERT by yourself, it will help you a lot. In exams, Divide the time, 30-40 minutes for reading section, Keep a look on your watch while doing this section. I forgot my watch and ended up wasting 1.75 hours on reading section. Go for literature next and finish it in 1-1.25 hours, spend the rest on writing.

Comp. Sc. - Though I love coding, I didn't have CS as a subject in school. Can't help you much regarding this. But if they do give you codes to write and/or find errors/bugs in codes, it won't be much difficult. Keep all the syntax in your head, and do write some code on your own based on the questions provided, it may help. Not much idea regarding this, sorry.

 Physical Education - This one is a true life saver, Go through it at-least once before the exams start and then study again during the break provided. Easy subject, don't prepare too much for it, prepare just as much as required. I recommend APC or Saraswati Publications for this subject. In exams, chill and give this one, if you've prepared for it well, no one can stop you from getting 95. Though you can't get 100 in this one (they never give 100 for this subject no matter what), you can easily get 95.

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